Welcome to the Mirror Spotlight Series: It's your time to shine.

Writers, community builders, artists, and developers have published and shared their projects on Mirror since we first launched in December 2019.

At the Mirror DAO, we want to recognize the quality of these works and reward creators with a token of appreciation: a dedicated mirror subdomain. Previously, we did this through the $WRITE Race. Then, as Mirror reflected on our community building and direction, we decided to pause this event.

However, we have continued a community-led curation process of top projects via a weekly Spotlight Series and seasonal Mirror Reflection Awards.

Today we are happy to share that the Spotlight Series will continue, with a focus on community-led curation and a structured evaluation process.

⭐️ A community-led curation process

At Mirror we believe in the power of community. As a result, we want to help our members discover and champion best-in-class creators from around the world.

As with all things web3, we are still learning together. We will continue to do curation in our Discord for the time being. In the long term, we will look to create a dedicated interface for discovery and curation.

Currently, our community-led curation involves three steps:

  1. Entries are shared on Discord in the #pitch-spotlight-project channel.
    • Note: If you are a member, you can also share them directly with other members in the #chat-and-collab channel.
  2. The community can react via emojis to express support for specific entries.
  3. Community members and contributors select a final group of entries

Additional entries may be considered for professional writers and creators looking to migrate their portfolio of work to Mirror or launch a specific planned project.

🥸 Spotlight eligibility criteria

Not all entries on Mirror are eligible to be part of the Spotlight Series. For example, an entry would not be eligible for the Spotlight Series if it plagiarizes other work, copies other work without author approval, or contains illegal content.

🎯 Spotlight evaluation criteria

The Mirror DAO community will consider four evaluation criteria during curation. Over time, we hope to create a representative community of creators from around the world who are publishing inspiring work in the web3 ecosystem. The evaluation criteria include:

  • 📊 Engagement: The publication is in the top 20 of total views in the past 14 days, has raised ETH via Mirror NFTs, or has an active collector audience. (Updated criteria, July 2022)
  • 📝 Writing quality: The entry demonstrates thoughtfulness in execution through regular long-form writing, depth in expertise, and production quality. Priority is given to publications with a longer history on Mirror.
  • 🤝 Diversity: The entry is an original submission. It represents one of the many communities of creators from around the world, especially new ones not currently publishing on Mirror.
  • 🪞 Alignment: The entry supports our mission to “Create great stories together”. The creator publishes content regularly, demonstrating interest in long-term usage of the Mirror product.

Additional entries may be considered for translation projects. However, these must be publicly endorsed by the original creator.

🥳 The $WRITE reward and a joint celebration

Selected entries will be celebrated publicly, sent a 1 $WRITE token, and invited to the Mirror DAO as members.

Join the celebrations by attending the weekly Jam Hall, held on Thursday (Twitter Spaces at 1 pm EST / 10 am PST / 6 pm UTC). You can also take a look at the Mirror Home Page, where Spotlight Series will be showcased as well. NOTE: The Jam Hall is currently on pause while we re-design some community processes.

If you’ve been selected as part of the Spotlight series, check your wallet the following week. The Mirror DAO will be sending you 1 $WRITE token that can be burned in exchange for a custom Mirror subdomain.

Finally, all new members are encouraged to join the Mirror DAO Discord and say hello. Make sure to tag @rafa on the #intros channel with a link to you new subdomain!

✍️ Submit your entry today!

If you are a creator and interested in participating, please join the Mirror DAO Discord and share your Mirror entry at #pitch-spotlight-project. In addition, make sure to express your support to other high-quality entries.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Mirror DAO.

Spotlight Series Winners (2020-02-24)

Want to learn more?

Take a look at our central knowledge hub, known as The Mirror Archive here.

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