An Emerging Mission

Every community should have a living mission that gets reviewed every season and re-written once every few years. A clear mission statement serves as a north star, a call-to-action, a summary of values for community members.

At the Mirror DAO we’ve created our first mission statement and are excited to share it with you.

Over time, we hope it becomes an articulation of our community vibe, a source of wholesome memes, and a framework to guide us through tough decisions.

The Mirror DAO Mission v01: Create great stories together.

We are an ecosystem of communities, creators, and builders collaboratively shaping the story of web3.

We believe great stories are created together.

Together we turn our dreams into stories, and then transform those stories into movements.

We believe stories are the backbone of community development.

Together we nurture a network of mutual support, feedback, and technology to empower communities in the decentralized future.

We believe we can go fast and far together.

Together we represent communities from around the world and from every walk of life. Our communities highlight the diversity of our spirits and talents.

We believe innovation compounds through global access to web3 technology.

Together we are artisans. We create quality crafts by transforming our passion, curiosities, and dreams into reality.

We believe thoughtfulness is the cornerstone to self-sustainable communities.

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