Pausing the $WRITE Race

On Tuesday last week, the Mirror DAO conducted its first Town Hall. The energy was incredible. We celebrated a year of community growth, product launches, and developer projects. 

Mirror has become more than a publishing platform. 

Communities from around the world are launching new communities, creating projects to address climate change, funding new music, and even creating decentralized gaming organizations.

Through this evolution, Mirror is becoming what the community needs: a place where DAOs, web3 communities and creators say “Hello World” for the first time, build their home, and tell their stories throughout their life.

At the beginning of the journey, we started with the Mirror $WRITE Race. This was a fun experiment that garnered attention across the world. Each week, the top ten participants of the $WRITE Race were selected as winners. Then, those who earned and burned $WRITE tokens were provided two core benefits:

  1. A dedicated subdomain
  2. Access to the full suite of tools from the Mirror Product

In turn, the Mirror Product was able to test an increasingly robust product suite, mature the functionality of the platform, and collect an initial group of community participants.

The $WRITE Race has been a huge success: a viral approach to product adoption supported by the best thinkers and writers in the web3 space. Most importantly, the product has been successfully tested, enabling us to open access to all.

As with all things, sometimes it’s good to take time to reflect. As the transition to the Mirror DAO continues, the team and community would like to address a series of important challenges:

  1. The $WRITE Race was previously a mechanism for identifying early users and members. Now that the product is open to all, how does the Race fit into the picture?
  2. The $WRITE Race has focused on a specific network of participants. How can the community develop a more inclusive and participatory process?
  3. The Product Team has identified anomaly behavior in the $WRITE Race. Are there changes to prevent providing membership to participants using non-human voting?
  4. The $WRITE Race enables new membership on a weekly basis. Is this growth aligned to the emerging community mission?

We believe this is the right moment to pause the $WRITE race, reflect on the community mission and align the membership process accordingly. In the meantime, the community will continue to expand membership through mechanisms like The Mirror Reflection Rewards and other partnership proposals.

We look forward to connecting with members to discuss the future of Mirror memberships during the second town hall on Thursday, November 18 at 10am PST / 1pm EST / 7pm UTC. An additional Town Hall will be held for members in APAC and European time zones on the following Tuesday, November 23 at 8am UTC.

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