Spotlight Series, August 18th
August 19th, 2022

Welcome back to the weekly Mirror Spotlight Series! At Mirror we believe in the power of community. As a result, the community works together to champion best-in-class writers and publications from around the world.

Members of the Mirror DAO select a subset of recent works to highlight every week. We call this the Spotlight Series. Authors are selected based on factors including the quality of their writing, engagement, diversity, and vision. Each selected project is granted 1 $WRITE token with which they can claim a dedicated subdomain and join the DAO.

Take a look at the selections below and make sure to subscribe to their publications. By subscribing you’ll receive an email notification as soon as the next entry is published!

Congratulations to all the Spotlight Series winners for this week! We look forward to seeing your future work and welcoming you to the DAO.

We have highlighted 10 publications this week. They include deep dives on communities and wallets, new NFT projects, crypto theory, DeFi mechanics, and new tools.

If your entry is here, you should have $WRITE in your wallet by the end of next week. Once the ERC20 token is in your wallet, you can claim your subdomain at

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