Welcome to the Pre-Season!

Our community has gathered the best thinkers and creators in crypto. Over the past year, they have given birth to dozens of leading web3 communities. Now we have the opportunity to increase our impact by combining our strengths in the Mirror DAO.

To start, we have officially kicked off the Mirror DAO Pre-Season. During this period we will focus on creating a strong basis for long-term community development. Once core strategies are in place, a new Season will start. Each season will have thematic goals related to community sustainability, experimentation, and growth.

The Mirror DAO will have five initial objectives during this Pre-Season phase:

  1. Prepare pathways for communication and governance
  2. Articulate the Mirror DAO’s mission
  3. Update the Mirror DAO Membership Process
  4. Strengthen the Mirror developer and partnership ecosystem
  5. Propose a roadmap and objectives for Season 1

In order for the Mirror DAO to reach these objectives, our community is looking to onboard contributors and community managers.

Both of these roles will help us kick-start our first projects. If you’re interested in a full-time role in DAO ops (communications, governance and treasury), make sure to apply as a Community Manager. If you’re interested in part-time projects like developer grants, community partnerships, or have ideas for other community projects, head over to the Contributor application form.

Remember that we host the Mirror DAO Town Hall every Thursday at 10am PST / 1pm EST / 7pm UTC on Discord.

Come join us and help write the Mirror DAO story!

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