MIP 0003 - Community Roundtable Launch
Mirror DAO
January 17th, 2022

The Mirror DAO continues to expand its initiatives. Starting on Jan 18th, a new pod will start meeting and exploring a co-working and co-learning process for starting web3 communities. The pod will be called The Community Roundtable.

The first Community Roundtable cohort will be open to a small group of members and run for 4 weeks, from Jan 18th to Feb 8th. Each week, the participants will meet at 11 am EST on Tuesday for a 1-hour co-working session.

The following speakers have been confirmed for the first cohort:

  • Week 1: Daisy, Dirt
  • Week 2: Jarrod, Darkstar
  • Week 3: Nicola, SeedClub
  • Week 4: Gaby, TCG + Andrea, Snaxshot

Following the 4-week program, a commemorative digital asset will be created and distributed to the participants.

This proposal requests a budget of 1 ETH per cohort, for 3 cohorts. The budget will be divided between the artist completing the work and rewards for the participating speakers. The budget assumes gas fees will be covered by the community treasury.  Later cohorts are expected to expand the topic discussed to include web3 culture, publishing, crowdfunds, and building with the Mirror API.

Community Roundtable pod budget will be allocated through a majority consensus of cohort participants. For cohort one this will include @AdamDavidson, @EricCMack, @nbaschez, @rafa @sarahhh, @danshipper, and @jamesb.

Should the pod not complete the 3 cohorts within the next 6 months, the funds will remain in the community treasury.

Initial Date Created: 2022-01-13

Vote Period:

  • Start: 2022-01-20 12:00 PM UTC
  • End: 2022-01-28 06:00 AM UTC

Author: Rafael

Sponsors: Rafael, Adam, Nathan, Eric, James

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