Introducing: The Mirror DAO Community Summary
Mirror DAO

As of today, the Mirror DAO has hosted the first three town halls, but a strong communication backbone requires a bit more. We’ve had dozens of folks unable to attend these meetings due to conflicts. In other cases, community members simply weren’t aware.

As a result, the Mirror DAO will be experimenting with new communication channels during the next few months. We will test three main communication pathways:

  • Weekly Member Summary Announcements
    • Published Friday AM EST
    • Take a look at the #📢-community-announcements channel
  • Weekly Town Halls across time-zones
    • Held on Thursday 10am PST and Tuesday 8am UTC
    • View recordings here: TownHall 1, TownHall 2
  • Weekly Community Summary
    • Published weekly on Tuesday AM EST
    • View on this subdomain (

In the future, we will also discuss how we can amplify these messages through other channels. For example, we are exploring the idea of a Mirror DAO Twitter account or an email list. If you are a member, or would like to stay up-to-date, we encourage you to fill out this contact form in preparation for email communications.

The Community Summary will run once a week, and will include a summary of what’s happening in the DAO. Most importantly, it will include action items (TL;DR) related to governance, feedback, and other signaling.

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